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Vancouver Photo Essays

by Derek K. Miller

I started posting photo essays on this site in early 2002. Since 2005, I've been publishing them at Flickr.com instead of directly on this site, so check out over there. Most of the photos have been taken in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, which is where I live in Canada.

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Flickr photo sets:
penmachine. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

Other photo essays:
[Cycling to Richmond]

Bicycle commuting to Richmond (August 2001)

[Cycling downtown]

Bicycle commuting to downtown Vancouver (August 2001)

[Artsy photos]

Some artsy photos from me and my family (1994-2002)

["D.Q." Neurotic]

I've been training D.Q. Neurotic as my replacement drummer in The Neurotics. We probably have 12 or 13 years left to go.

[Aerial view of towers]

In June 2002, I took some aerial photographs of Vancouver from a commercial jetliner. They turned out well.


The August 2002 Celebration of Light fireworks in Vancouver provided some lovely pictures. (You may choose Canada, Spain, or the finale.)

[Derek shaves 1][Derek shaves 2][Derek shaves 3]

On January 12, 2003, I shaved the beard I'd had for about a year.


You'd think that after more than a year, I'd have something more interesting to post than five photos taken from SkyTrain in April 2004. They do have a good background explanation, though.

[Okanagan Lake, August 2004]

More aerial photos (one 3D), this time from a flight to Saskatoon in August 2004.

[Sign at 425 paces]

One day in August 2004, I walked and took transit to work. I took a photo every 50 steps or so, and now you can see what I saw.


At the end of August 2004, my wife, two daughters (ages four and six), and I closed out Playland at the PNE at 12:30 a.m..

[Sunset towers]

I spoke at the February 19, 2005 Northern Voice weblog conference in Vancouver. I also took photos.

I wrangled the images with Apple Computer's iPhoto software, TalaSoft's TalaPhoto, John Vink's PhotoPage, and Bare Bones Software's BBEdit, among other programs. As of 2005, some of these photos might also appear on Flickr.

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