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PLEASE NOTE: There's another Derek Miller (without the K in the middle) who's actually a reasonably famous, award-winning Canadian musician, and, to be clear, he's not me! Rather, he is this guy, who is quite talented. After you've picked up my album, go check out the several he's released.

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PLEASE WRITE A REVIEW: I'd appreciate it if you write a review at the CD Baby site, at Amazon, or at the iTunes Store once you've had a chance to hear the album, so that other people can find out what you think of my tunes. The physical CDs are sold out, but you can still buy the downloads!

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The fine print:

Penmachine Sessions cover

About PayPal: You don't need a PayPal account to send money via PayPal—any major credit card will do. If you have a PayPal account with funds in it, you can use that too. All PayPal purchases include any applicable taxes as well as shipping—what you see is all you pay, and I send directly from my house to you.

About the iTunes Store: The iTunes tracks are no longer locked up with horrible digital restrictions management (DRM), and they're super-high quality, better than you can get here on my site. How cool is that?

About CD Baby: Physical copies of my CD are now sold out. If I eventually get more, the CD Baby price is cheap, but they calculate shipping separately, since they send it from their warehouse in the U.S., so whether it's a better deal depends on where you are. The full-album digital download price of $9.00 is a good deal, though, and gives you unrestricted MP3s, but you can't buy tracks individually.

*About the Bonus DVD: I used to offer a bonus DVD included with direct purchases is a computer data DVD, not a video for DVD players, but it is now also sold out. It worked on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers, and included a bunch of totally exclusive stuff:

Questions? Email me at Otherwise, go buy it!

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Hear samples and learn more

Photo of Derek by A. Miller, October 2005

My album is a bit of an experiment, since you can download full MP3 files of all the tunes right from this website. If you buy it from me, you get a bonus DVD with stuff that's not available online (mostly because it's just too big), plus the knowledge that you help support my music, which should make you feel all warm and fuzzy. That's worth $15, right?

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Track listing

Each link in the track listing (44:52 total running time) takes you to more information and a full MP3 download of that tune:

  1. How Tall Jennifer Is (2:54) - Soft back-porch acoustic, loud propulsive guitar, then back.
  2. Hotcake Syrup (3:02)- Sugary, head-boppin' power-chord drivin' music.
  3. Stop Yield Go Merge (2:26) - Bleeping synthesizers, a backbeat, screaming lead guitar, and an ominous string section.
  4. Clouds or Smoke? - (3:47) Bluesy space rock with a jazz beat.
  5. Cold Cloth and an Ice Pack (3:08) - Old-style funk-R&B combo jam.
  6. Had a Plan, Had to Change It (3:22) - Twin-guitar shuffle blues written for CBCers.
  7. Pirilloponzi (3:13) - Twang groove with words about email and love. Vocals by Chris and Ponzi.
  8. Meltdown Man (3:17) - Wild 'n' crazy, Brylcreem-and-burgers rockabilly guitar workout.
  9. Fresh Snow in the Valley (4:01) - Techno beats, echoing riff, synths, and lead guitar.
  10. The Burning Moon (2:53) - Spaghetti western down on the bayou: spooky piano, tremolo guitar, and organ over a stuttering beat. A collaboration with Simon James.
  11. Pocketbook (2:36) - R&B horn intro leads into groovy bass, Hammond organ, and drums.
  12. Deep Cycle Discharge (3:11) - Four-on-the-floor electronica pits a piano against hovering UFO sounds. A collaboration with Simon James.
  13. Gronk Patrol (2:48) - A slow march with guitars that bloop, twang, and scream.
  14. That's No Dream (4:11) - Happy funk guitar and organ in a convertible with the top down.

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More info about the tunes and my podcast

The songs on Penmachine Sessions (and new additions) are all available as part of the Penmachine Podcast, a page on this site where you can download them. You can also subscribe to the podcast with a program like iTunes (version 4.9 or higher). Then, whenever I add a new track, you'll get it automatically, and it can go straight to your iPod—all for free. Cool, eh? If you don't know about podcasting, then read up or check out Technorati's search for more references.

If you have iTunes, the easiest way to subscribe is to click the Subscribe link: [Subscribe in iTunes button], which should open iTunes and take you directly to my podcast page in the iTunes store. Then click Subscribe there to start getting the songs for free.

Otherwise, you can search for "penmachine" in the iTunes store's Podcast directory (see instructions) and subscribe that way. Finally, you can click and drag the orange and grey "RSS Podcast" button RSS Podcast or the address to your iTunes window (or other podcast subscription program).

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My other musical endeavours

In addition to being a writer and editor, I play drums and sing for about half my living, in two bands, The Neurotics (as "Sticky Neurotic") and HourGlass (as myself), with Sebastien "Dirty Neurotic" de Castell (my old roommate) on vocals, guitar, and keyboards; Mark "Bumpy" Olexson on guitar (or bass) and keyboards; and a rotating cast of other characters that includes Adam "Woody Neurotic" Woodall on vocals, guitar, and harmonica, Sean "Dilly" Dillon on guitar, or Ed "Slappy" Laslo on guitar; and either Dave "Lumpy Neurotic" Haddock, Dirk "Doink" Slow, or Doug "Swingy" Elliott on vocals and bass. We wear wigs and glittery jackets and talk in fake British accents. People seem willing to pay a lot of money for that.

I've been drumming for money since about 1989 (two years after I learned the instrument), which is a bit longer than I've been writing for money. I've played in Terrace and Edmonton, Victoria and Penticton, New York and Melbourne—but mostly around Vancouver. For the full story on my fab-rock combos, visit the Neurotics/HourGlass Web site at (I built the site too.)

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Where else to hear my stuff

In addition to cover-band material at the Neurotics site, my original tunes are also available via, Odeo, and Podcast Alley, or the Podsafe Music Network:

podsafe music network
who's playing my tunes?
who else?

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There are tons of photos in the band photo gallery. Here are some others. (Click any one for a larger version.)

This is what my drums look like. The kit is a bit of a Frankenstein's monster, with a red Pearl free-floating maple snare; burgundy low-end CB Percussion and Pearl Export drums (circa 1990) for the kick, rack tom, and floor tom; and hardware from Pearl, Gibraltar, and Tama. The drumheads are from Remo and Evans, and I use 7A wood- and nylon-tip sticks from various manufacturers. The cymbals are Sabians, made in New Brunswick, Canada, and my earplugs are orange foam ones from the local pharmacy (you can see them sitting on my drumsticks).

Derek's kit

Here, I hit things with the sticks (yes, that is a wig too)...

Derek plays drums

...while here, I am (in 1995) being just too groovy for words, baby! (I'm the one in front, in the maroon velour jacket.)

Oh yeah, baby

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